Dutch New Energy Research believes in a world run on 100% renewable energy before 2040. In this world energy from solar and wind will be the largest and cheapest energy sources. Business, finance and government leaders use our data, insights and expertise as an invaluable tool to meet their goals for strategy, marketing and sales and outperform competitors.

Since 2013 Dutch New Energy Research publishes the best data and forecasts on solar energy for the Dutch market (Dutch Solar Quarterly and Trend Reports), and more recently on the European market (European Solar Quarterly).

Dutch Solar Quarterly

A full DSQ license contains:

- 5-year forecast installed capacity
- Insight into pricing & market shares of panels & inverters
- Market distribution by sector and region
- Insights into SDE++ projects
- Influence of politics & policy on the solar sector
- Insights into Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE) solar PV in the Netherlands

Are you primarily interested in only a few of these reports? Partial licenses are available.
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European Solar Quarterly

In the ESQ you will find:

- 3 Year Forecast
-  Top 19 European countries, divided into 5 regions
- Installed capacity
- Information per segment (residential / commercial, flat / sloped roof etc.)
- Data updated each quarter
- Advanced and interactive dashboard

The European Solar Quarterly is available in a full package with all 5 regions, or separately per region.
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A selection of our licensees

A selection of our licensees

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Consumers need certainty when purchasing solar panels

2020 . 07 . 23 | artikel

Consumers need certainty when purchasing solar panels

According to the End User Insights report by Dutch New Energy Research consumers do not only search certainty in price when they invest in solar panels, but also in other factors that increase the perception of a good investment.