2019: a record-breaking year for solar PV, despite grid congestion and construction delays

2019 . 11 . 28

2019: a record-breaking year for solar PV, despite grid congestion and construction delays

Based on our most recent Industry Monitor report, we expect that the installed solar PV capacity in 2019 will be close to our Low scenario described in the 5-year forecast.

Canadian Solar, LG Solar, LONGi Solar, Suntech and Trina Solar in the Dutch top 5 of solar panel brands

2019 . 11 . 11

These five brands (displayed alphabetically) have the largest market shares in the Dutch market. This finding is based on research on the first six months of 2019, conducted by  Dutch New Energy Research based on a sample of distributors (wholesale) and engineering procurement & construction (EPC) companies.

Dimming of LED lighting still problematic

2019 . 10 . 02

Now that most of the early problems have been solved, the Netherlands is switching massively to LED lighting. Nevertheless, the lighting sector has noticed that consumers are still struggling with one basic problem: LED lights that do not seem to be able to dim easily.

The Dutch consumer: "a payback period of 7 years for solar panels is too long".

2019 . 05 . 08

Four out of five consumers believe that the minister's incentive is insufficient. At the end of April, Minister Wiebes announced a new incentive scheme for solar panels for the residential market, with a payback period of just over 7 years.

Gossip reigns in Dutch Solar-land

2019 . 03 . 25

If the world of solar was a newspaper, it would be a tabloid. There is no sector where gossip spreads quite so quickly and ultimately does not contribute much. For an example, Good! New Energy’s Rolf Heynen looks back to 2013, when Europe introduced the Minimum Import Price on Chinese solar panels.

The Netherlands installed 658 MW of PV

2018 . 11 . 07

The Netherlands installed 658 MW of PV in the first half of this yearNew solar installations in the country reached the milestone in six months, according to Dutch New Energy Research, which publishes its first Dutch Solar Quarterly report today.

Past the point of no return

2018 . 07 . 01

The Netherlands, second-last in the EU when it comes to the production of renewable energy, presented its first draft of the Dutch Climate Agreement. This agreement is drafted to set out targets and policies across sectors such that the country adheres to the previously proposed Climate Act.