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    Well before 2050 solar energy will be the world's largest source of energy. So far even the biggest optimists have underestimated the growth and impact of solar energy.

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    Hard data

    • The top 13 EU countries
    • Installed capacity
    • Quarterly actualised
    • Reports on various segments per country
      - Residential and non residential
      - Flat/sloped roofs, grounding, floating, infra & carport

    Reliable forecasts

    • The ‘3 Year Forecast’ describes the future of the residential and commercial sector. 
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    8 years of proven expertise

    • Dutch New Energy Research proven their expertise by frequently publishing Dutch Solar Quarterly and the Solar Trend Report for the last 8 years.
    • Not only does DNE publish Solar Trend Reports, they’re also the creators of  yearly sector reports concerning heat pumps,  heat netowrks and smart (LED) lighting.  

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    Growing Dutch solar capacity deepens forecasting issues

    27.08.2020 | artikel

    Dutch solar power capacity is expected to continue rising exponentially but its growth has laid bare a power forecasting issue that experts fear will only worsen as solar capacity increases.

    Consumers need certainty when purchasing solar panels

    23.07.2020 | artikel

    According to the End User Insights report by Dutch New Energy Research consumers do not only search certainty in price when they invest in solar panels, but also in other factors that increase the perception of a good investment.

    Increased awareness of rent or lease options might boost solar panel installations in the residential sector

    08.06.2020 | artikel

    Starting 2023, the Dutch net metering scheme will be phased out annually by 9%. Looking at the financial payback period of a solar PV system there is no better time to invest than now.

    Major developers call for extension of SDE+ allocations


    85% percent of all EPCs believe that the completion of solar projects could be jeopardised by the corona crisis. They see the deadline for the subsidy scheme for sustainable energy production (SDE+) as the biggest obstacle.

    Large majority of consumers unaware of solar brands


    Most Dutch consumers are unable to recognize a solar panel brand or inverter brand. The low awareness shows that there are opportunities for brand positioning on the residential sector.

    Limited grid capacity endangers strong Dutch Solar growth


    The map above shows that particularly in the northern provinces of the Netherlands grid operators are reaching their limits. This has already caused projects totalling 750 MWp to be put on hold: enough to provide power for nearly 200,000 households.