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Solar energy will be the largest global energy source well before 2050. Even the biggest optimists have consistently underestimated the unprecedented growth and impact of solar energy. Dutch New Energy Research supplies data and projections that you can rely on.

A Dutch Solar Quarterly license offers you an in-depth analysis of the Dutch solar market and provides full insight into economical, financial, governmental and technological developments. 

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In 12 yearly publications and via your personal dashboard you will receive essential insights to make the right decisions. Would you like to know more?
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Hard data

  • 5-year forecast
  • SDE+(+) subsidy & PV technology insights
  • LCoE / market shares / market distribution
  • Pricing & policy insights
  • Installed capacity

Reliable forecasts

  • The ‘5 Year Forecast’ describes the future of the residential and commercial sector.
  • With the New Energy Outlook you will gain insights about the role of solar PV in the Dutch energy transition, also what this role is after the net metering scheme and the SDE++ scheme.

Advanced & interactive dashboard

  • Select segments to create relevant graphs.
  • Share data with your colleagues by making exports.

Free consultancy

  • 4 times a year free webinar on new publications.
  • Support from a researcher to select the most relevant insights from our publications.
  • Facing a deadline? A remote researcher will help you if you need extra insights.
  • In a presentation or workshop we will bring relevant insights to life, so you can make the right business decisions.

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Press releases

Consumers need certainty when purchasing solar panels

2020 . 07 . 23 | artikel

Consumers need certainty when purchasing solar panels

According to the End User Insights report by Dutch New Energy Research consumers do not only search certainty in price when they invest in solar panels, but also in other factors that increase the perception of a good investment.