Dutch Solar Quarterly

Solar energy will be the largest global energy source well before 2050. Even the biggest optimists have consistently underestimated the unprecedented growth and impact of solar energy. Dutch New Energy Research supplies data and projections that you can rely on.

The Netherlands is a global top 10 solar pv market, not just in installed capacity, but also in patent applications and R&D. A Dutch Solar Quarterly license provides you with a comprehensive analysis of the Dutch pv market.

•    5-year forecast
•    Pricing insights
•    Installed capacity solar PV and distribution to sector and region
•    Market shares solar panels and inverters
•    End-user insights: consumer perceptions
•    SDE+(+) subsidy insights
•    Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE) insights solar PV in the Netherlands
•    Due diligence
•    Investment climate: politics & policy

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