Global Experts

Technological developments, breakthroughs and entrepreneurship determine the growth speed of the solar energy PV market. What is the global context, with technology, price, utility and competition trends, in which the Dutch market operates?

DNE Research can count on an extensive international network of leading entrepreneurs and scientists. These global experts in technology and market are interviewed about technology and price trends, expectations and assumptions and myths of the common market.

Interviews with international leading experts on market opportunities and threats, technological developments and price fluctuations.

Some of our interviewees:

  • Pierre Verlinden
    Former Vice-President and Chief Scientist Trina Solar
  • Marco Krapels
    Former Executive Vice President Solar City, Vice President Solar & Battery Tesla
  • Frans van den Heuvel
    Chief Executive Officer Solar Century
  • Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Reinert
    Chief Executive Officer, SMA Solar Technology 
  • Raghu Belur
    Co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Enphase
  • Lior Handelsman
    Founder and VP Marketing and Product Strategy, SolarEdge
  • Christoph Ostermann
    Co-founder and CEO sonnen GmbH
  • Kees Koolen
    CEO Koolen Industries & Super B
  • Marc van der Linden
    CEO Stedin and chairman of Netbeheer Nederland