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Dutch New Energy Research is the leading and fastest-growing research institute for the green sector. We occupy a central position in the Dutch market for renewable energy and know there is great demand for accurate data and insight into the Dutch energy transition. Over 8 years of experience enable us like no other to provide hard data and informed forecasts that you can rely on.

Drs. ing. Rolf Heynen, founder and CEO 
“The energy transition is the greatest challenge of our generation. Our energy system is changing so quickly that it’s sometimes hard to separate fact from fiction. Reliable, objective and independent data is needed to take the right political and economical decisions. We are proud of the wide range of organisations that has come to rely on our data. But in the end our motivation is personal: we are working as hard as we can to guarantee a livable future for our children.”

Julia Koster, Researcher MSc 
““Without data you’re just a person with an opinion.” These words of W. Edwards Deming summarize to me why independent and reliable insights are needed to make the right decisions for a more sustainable energy system. After completing my MSc. in Business Studies and my MSc. in Communication Science, I gained research experience on both agency and client side for the media industry, fiancial industry, and telecom. As a researcher, I am motivated to translate our data to actionable and valuable insights for our licensees, while contributing to a more sustainable future.”

Steven Heshusius, Researcher MSc
“Driven by curiosity I am committed to help accelerate the energy transition. During my PhD research in molecular biology, where I studied complex regulatory networks, I specialized in computational data analysis. At DNE Research I use this experience to optimize research processes to increase our insight in the complexity of the electricity grid. This way I want to support our license holders in making data driven decisions.”

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